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David Mather sketching En Plein Air

                                                        Welcome to my website,

                                                        I am a self-taught artist, living in Tavistock, Devon on                                                                                           the outskirts of Dartmoor National Park, painting mainly with Oils 

                                                        and Watercolour in a painterly and traditional art style, very influenced

                                                        by the art and practices of the French Impressionists, also artists such as                                                           JMW Turner, Edward Seago, and many more.

                                                        I love to paint and sketch as much as possible En Plein-air on the coasts

 of Devon and Cornwall or the rugged landscape of Dartmoor which is virtually on my doorstep.

 I am a member of three local art groups:- Drawn to the Valley, Tavistock Group of Artists, and West Dartmoor art group, each group has local exhibitions by members during each year in Tavistock, I also have paintings presented with online galleries such as those below Art2arts and Artfinder, by clicking onto the highlighted site, it will take you directly through to the site selected.

My email address is if you need to contact me, or by the contact form below.                                                      

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